Our Service

Hair Cuts

Our goal is your vision when it comes to great haircuts. The foundation for every great personal look is a professional Cut.

  • Women’s Hair Cut  ------------------ $45
  • Men's Hair Cut  ----------------------- $25
  • Children's Hair Cut ------------------ $20

Color Services

Color is your personal statement. We understand that color is individual and strive to help you achieve the right color whether it be highlights, vibrant colors, single color tones or anything in-between. Our Color experts are highly trained and experienced.

  • Single Color ---------------------------- $75
  • Special Effect Colors -------------- $100
  • Hi-lites ---------------------------------- $95
  • Low-lites ------------------------------- $95
  • Two Tone Color --------------------- $110
  • Other types of color service price available with consultation

Chemical Services

We take our time making sure we give you the treatments needed in all of our Chemical Services. Getting a consultation is required to make sure the look you want matches the kinds of products, types of service and final outcome.We have a lot of experience in Keratin and Straightening services. We would love to help you with your best Chemical service.

  • Perms ------------------------------------$95
  • Straighteners ------------------------ $150
    *Price may adjust with consultation
  • No Straightener will be performed without a consultation
  • Keratin Treatments ------------------ $150
  • Straightening Services----------------- $85
  • Other types of Chemical Service price available with consultation


Let us assist you for your Special Occasion Hair.  This is the time when a photo speaks volumes and we would  like to help you create memories with your special high fashion style.
Hair Extensions: We provide several types of hair extensions.  This is always done with Consultation. We have extensive training in this area.

  • Simple Shampoo and Blowdry -------------------------------- $25
  • Simple Special Occasion hair style --------------------------- $50
  • Wedding Special Occasion Bridal ---------------------------- $150
    Consultation required
  • Bridal party Special Occasion --------------------------------- $65

Skin Care

Great skin is in. It never goes out of style! Our esthetician has over 20 years of experience. This gives our clients the opportunity to have a wide variety of services. From a relaxing spa style facial to Microdermabrasion or chemical peels we can provide quality services to refresh and strengthen healthy skin.
Peels are vastly different and address most skin issues. Unfortunately no one has “normal” skin. So to address some of the issues we all face, a chemical peel can be the answer.

  • Facials ------------------------------------ $60
  • Microdermabrasion Single Treatment ---------------------- $60
  • Microdermabrasion Three Treatments--------------------- $150
  • Chemical Peels ----------------------------------------------------- $45
  • Extraction Facial --------------------------------------------------- $45


Personal waxing is well, personal. Our Esthetician has 20 years of waxing experience. We take time to research quality wax and techniques to make your experience the best it can be. Our goal for you is a great service that meets your desired outcome

  • Bikini -------------------------------------- $25
  • Modified Skinny Bikini  -----------$35-40
  • Leg Full ----------------------------------- $75
  • Leg Half -----------------------------------$40
  • Back Wax -------------------------------- $35
  • Underarm Wax ------------------------ $25
  • Face Wax -------------------------------- $30
  • Brow Design ---------------------------- $15
  • Lip wax ----------------------------------- $12
  • Nose / ear wax ------------------------ $15


The best outcome is founded in Quality applications. So, we don’t use drills with our Acrylic nails. Our Foot care is uniquely designed for your health in mind. And, there is always a great spa manicure just waiting for you.

  • Basic manicure ------------------------ $20
  • Spa Manicure -------------------------- $40
  • Shellac ----------------------------------- $30
  • Acrylic Fill --------------------------------$30
  • Full set ------------------------------------$50


Diabetic Pedicures are done using Footlogics Pedicure products designed to remove only dead tissue and callused areas while remaining sensitive to delicate skin on the foot. Therapeutic massage also helps with mild neuropathy of the foot.

Keeping the foot hydrated is also the focus of this special service. Additional products may also be purchased to maintain foot health.

  • Sport Pedicure ------------------------ $35
  • this does not include a foot mask and usually takes about 30 minutes.
  • Minimal massage.
  • Diabetic Pedicure --------------------- $50
  • Usually takes about 75 minutes.

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